Eastern Oregon’s Climate Makes Outdoor Recreation Possible All Year

27 Apr 2020

The climate of Eastern Oregon is ideal for year-round outdoor fun! The region’s seasons each have their own special appeal, with all of them bringing new adventure. Winter welcomes plenty of snow for the ski and snowmobile enthusiasts. Spring brings lovely, moderate temperatures in the fifties and sixties, perfect for a variety of outdoor recreation. During the summer, temperatures reach the mid-eighties, but the humidity is mild and the breeze is refreshing. Fall is warm and pleasant, and it doesn’t become cold again until November.  

Road and mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are all popular recreational options in Eastern Oregon that can be enjoyed throughout the year due to the agreeable climate in addition to simply enjoying the scenery. Learn more about the desirable climate in the region by clicking here.

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