Grant County is the Land of Opportunity

Grant County is the Land of Opportunity Main Photo

3 May 2021


Grant County, Oregon is an area roughly the size of Connecticut. The 4,500 square mile area in the northeastern portion of the state sparkles with the natural beauty and spectacular views of the native forests, lakes, streams and mountains within. But its most precious commodity is opportunity! From the outdoor recreation those natural resources afford, to the potential business prospects in the local towns, Grant County is definitely the land of opportunity. Vibrant and innovative attractions exist for a diverse audience, from digital commuters and entrepreneurs to families and retirees. This video from the Oregon Trail Electric Co-op offers a wonderful depiction of life in Grant County!

Outdoor Recreation

The natural environment of Grant County offers unparalleled outdoor recreation for residents, tourists and business owners. The area experiences four distinct seasons, providing a moderate climate in each that supports fun in the outdoors. It includes the headwaters of the John Day River, the third-longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states and has more federal miles of wild and scenic river designation than any other U.S. river. That protection and seclusion offers pristine fishing and other water activities. 

Grant County is home to the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness within the Malheur National Forest. The wilderness area includes nearly 70,000 acres of remote mountains and lakes, offering plenty of camping, hiking and mountain biking recreation. The mountain biking scene recently received a new addition as well, with a trail overlooking the city of John Day. 

Business Opportunities

Not to be outdone by the unparalleled outdoor recreation, the business opportunities existing within Grant County stand on their own merit. A cursory examination will target the Grant County Industrial Park, located next to the Grant County Regional Airport, with 24 one-acre shovel-ready sites currently available, supplemented by a number of business-friendly incentives. Looking deeper, a fantastic business opportunity exists in the new housing construction market. The John Day Urban Renewal Agency & Housing Incentive Program offers one of the most aggressive housing incentive programs in the nation. For new homes, the program offers a seven-percent cash rebate on new home construction and payment of system development charges on behalf of the property owner.

John Day has an exciting business vision, with an eye for innovative, long-term future success. For example, the John Day Innovation Gateway Area Plan, includes 100 city-owned 100 acres along both sides of the John Day River, including the former Oregon Pine Mill property, which is a prime candidate for economic and recreation redevelopment. The John Day Greenhouse is an exciting state-of-the-art vertically-integrated community supported agriculture project.The hydroponic reclaimed water growing system provides healthy, fresh food year-round to help increase local self-reliance and promote controlled environment agriculture in the region.

Quality of Life

Fantastic outdoor recreation and exciting business opportunities are the keys to wonderful quality of life in Grant County’s cities and towns. The county population approaches 7,500 residents, with John Day as the largest city, at a population around 1,700. It is a vibrant city located within the scenic valley of the Strawberry Mountains with a bustling Main Street filled John Day Riverwith coffee shops, restaurants, a brewery and other interesting businesses. Residents and visitors will find a number of parks and open spaces within the city for family recreation. History enthusiasts will enjoy the Kam Wa Chung State Historic Site, located within the city. The museum and interpretive site highlights the impact Chinese settlers had on the area’s culture. Prairie City is the next largest city, with about 1,000 residents, while the county seat, Canyon City, has about 700 residents. All of the communities within Grant County offer peaceful living in beautiful natural surroundings and a population ready to support new, innovative business growth. The area is serviced by the Blue Mountain Hospital District, with a hospital, surgery clinic and primary care clinic in John Day and a care center in Prairie City. 

Just as it was in the gold rush days, Grant County offers everyone the opportunity to build the life they seek. Contact Erica Jaensch if you have further questions or visit the Oregon Trail Electric Co-op website today to see how relocating your business or moving to Grant County can bring the growth and quality of life you are looking for!