Eastern Oregon’s Baker, Grant, Harney & Union Counties are home to many small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators. We are also home to major employers like Northwood RV Manufacturing, the largest camper manufacturer in the country, who employs 450 people in two plants near La Grande. Behlen Manufacturing is another local success story, manufacturing products to be shipped to over 90 countries from their Baker City location. One of Eastern Oregon’s historically strong industries has been timber and Malheur Lumber Company in John Day has been part of that story. Their facilities are utilizing their biomass harvested from private timberlands and nearby National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands and creating materials such as sawdust and wood chips. Another successful timber company is Boise Cascade in La Grande/Elgin, who was recently purchased by Woodgrain Millwork.

These thriving local businesses are just a few examples of the innovation coming out of Eastern Oregon. Our region has fostered a pioneering spirit from the first days settlers set out on the Oregon Trail looking to create a better life. From settlers to ranchers and gold miners, Eastern Oregon became a place to put down roots and to create something amazing. That same pioneering spirit is alive in our rich entrepreneurial and small business community. Locals and transplants are coming to communities like Baker City and John Day to open restaurants, small hotels, tourism businesses and startups. Eastern Oregon’s Baker, Grant, Harney & Union Counties are the perfect place to do so because of the low cost of real estate, access to talent, vibrant culture, supportive business ecosystem and beautiful location.

Room for Growth

There is plenty of room for growth in Eastern Oregon. Our region is growing and becoming a popular destination for everyone ranging from millennials to retirees. Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to work somewhere they would love to live, should visit Eastern Oregon to discover why this is an excellent place to grow a business.