The Region

Eastern Oregon’s Baker, Grant, Harney & Union Counties are home to charming and friendly communities, along with some of the most stunning views and thrilling outdoor adventures. Surrounded by stunning natural vistas comprised of mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes, Eastern Oregon is simultaneously breathtaking and accessible to nearby Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon.

Residents enjoy our natural beauty year-round and thousands of people visit to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort or to spend the day exploring historic towns like Baker City. Fishing, hunting, mountain biking, hiking and a plethora of outdoor activities make our region an attractive vacation destination.

With a regional history founded in the days of the Wild West and Gold Rush, Eastern Oregon has always had an adventurous spirit. This is on full display in our many recreation opportunities but also in our business community. Many of our local businesses have been started by entrepreneurs and professionals who set out on their own adventure – to leave the big city behind and create something amazing in our beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Easily Accessible

Our region is easily accessible by road, rail and air. I-84 runs through Eastern Oregon, connecting our region to Boise, Portland, and Salt Lake City. Additionally, regional Highways 30, 26, and 86 make the drive throughout Eastern Oregon easy and convenient. For rail transportation, businesses can utilize the popular Union Pacific Railroad. The municipal Pendleton Airport is also nearby, as is Boise International Airport – both of which are ideal for reaching the rest of the country, or the world, quickly.