Talented professionals of all ages are choosing to grow their career in Eastern Oregon. Our natural beauty is attracting highly educated professionals in fields like medicine, technology and design. Plus, with broadband available in some areas many of these professionals are working from home. This provides unique opportunities for employers looking to tap into local talent looking for a more collaborative in-person working environment.

Eastern Oregon is also home to skilled laborers in the advanced manufacturing and forestry sectors. Some of our largest employers are in these industries, with companies like Northwood RV Manufacturing employing over 450 people in their two plants. There is room for growth in this area, as the regional unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Manufacturing companies, for example, that have struggled to attract workers will find they have a steady pool of talent upon relocating to Eastern Oregon.

Workforce Development and Training

Eastern Oregon University is located in La Grande and is home to many talented students looking to build their careers in Eastern Oregon. EOU offers an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree with majors ranging from computer science to outdoor rec & leadership, master’s programs and certificate programs in topics like computer programming and accounting. They are known for pre-professional programs as well and for being a college of choice for veterans. With EOU in our backyard, there is a steady pool of talent for local businesses looking to hire or to further train their existing workforce.