This is the good life – the type of life dreams are made of. If you are tired of the rat race, sitting in traffic, feeling the pressure of life and wanting something better – Eastern Oregon is the place for you. Here, it is easy to build a life worth living. There are job and business opportunities in Oregon’s Baker, Grant, Harney & Union Counties, but just as important – our counties are surrounded by natural beauty that will take your breath away. For our residents, a commute involves a bike ride through the hills and into our charming downtowns, a drive past a glittering lake to check on a client, or a drive through snow capped mountains to visit a neighboring community. Rather than smog, we breathe in the cool fresh air that comes from being surrounded by forests, mountains, lakes and streams.

With nature all around us, Eastern Oregon is home to outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the ability to go for a hike on their lunch break, bike to work, spend the weekend on the lake or skiing in the mountains. When nature is at your doorstep, every outdoor adventure becomes a possibility. Plus, with a housing cost that’s lower than the national average, moving here makes economic sense. This is why so many entrepreneurs, telecommuters, professionals are retirees are leaving larger cities like Portland and Boise to make their home in beautiful Eastern Oregon.

Those who do, find that in addition to outdoor recreation, our communities have a vibrant culture, art and dining scene. From drinking a pint at the local microbrewery to listening to live bands perform on the weekend to unique gastric experiences at farm-to-table restaurants – Eastern Oregon presents numerous entertainment options that appeal to all ages and interests. This vibrant culture combined with natural beauty, friendly neighbors, and a strong community makes our region an incredible place to live!

We invite you to visit, explore and learn more about our outdoor recreation, charming small towns, good schools, affordable housing options, and business opportunities. Read through our website and contact our team for more information or to schedule a tour.