Cost of Living

cost of livingEastern Oregon has a cost of living that is significantly lower than nearby Boise, Bend and Portland. Housing costs are lower than the national average, which can represent a significant savings. This lower housing cost is one of the many reasons that millennials, young professionals, families and retirees are choosing to make their home in Eastern Oregon. Plus, with broadband available in some communities, telecommuters can move to our region, continue to earn the same amount and spend less - the perfect combination for enjoying more of what life has to offer.

As an example, housing cost in Boise are 49.9% higher than in La Grande, Oregon. The average home price in Boise is $277,100 where the average price in La Grande is only $184,900. Use the link below to get more information or to compare your current city to the cost of living in Eastern Oregon.

Click here to compare the cost of living in Eastern Oregon to Boise, Idaho.