Target Industries

Eastern Oregon is the ideal location for businesses in all industries. Historically, our region has been defined by mining, timber, manufacturing and tourism - industries that are still growing today.

We are also an excellent location for small businesses and startups. With a supportive community and low cost of living, many entrepreneurs are discovering that Eastern Oregon is the perfect spot to launch their great idea.


Eastern Oregon forests are an abundant natural resource for businesses in the timber industry. Our region is known for the timbered slopes of high alpine lakes and mountains and has been an attractive destination for companies like Malheur Lumber Company in John Day and Boise Cascade in La Grande/Elgin, who was recently purchased by Woodgrain Millwork.


Eastern Oregon is home to many manufacturing companies. Our location is convenient for reaching all of the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain Region, in addition to the rest of the country. This has led companies like Northwood RV Manufacturing, one of the largest RV manufacturers in the country employing over 450 people, to place their headquarters here.


When it comes to natural beauty and access to the great outdoors - few places on earth can compare with Eastern Oregon. People visit our region from throughout the country to ski down our mountains, fish in our lakes and rivers, hike through our forests, camp surrounded by trees, mountain bike down rugged trails, hunt with friends and to enjoy life. It’s amazing here and that’s why our tourism sector is growing. There is plenty of room for entrepreneurs to create tourism-related businesses in Eastern Oregon.


The fertile soil of Eastern Oregon makes it a premier agricultural region. Here, we have a history of farming and ranching that has evolved over time to include growth in the specialty food and value-add agricultural sectors. There is abundant room for growth in this industry throughout our region. Plus, our easy access to highway and rail makes it possible to transport raw ingredients and finished products throughout the country or to ports for exporting overseas.