Eastern Oregon is comprised of many small communities, each with their own character and charm. No matter where you choose to live, you are surrounded by natural beauty. Some communities are closer to the mountains while others enjoy a desert climate, but all give you immediate access to the outdoor amenities that Eastern Oregon is famous for. When combined with our low housing prices, this experience is causing many families to move from the nearby cities of Boise, Bend and Portland.

Housing Costs are Lower in Eastern Oregon

You can compare our average home prices to the prices in your current city by clicking here. Our home prices are lower than the national average so you may be surprised by how much you can save or afford by moving to Eastern Oregon!

New Construction Incentives

Build your dream home in Eastern Oregon by taking advantage of these incredible incentives.

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All types of housing is available here from apartments and condos to ranch style homes, executive homes and historic homes. To learn more about our communities - contact us. To view properties, search here or contact one of our local realtors.