Advanced Wood Products Use in Construction Highlighted at Mass Timber Conference in Salem

3 Jan 2019

The Oregon Mass Timber Development Summit takes place January 15, 2019, at the Salem Convention Center and is the culmination of a partnership between Oregon State University's Tallwood Design Institute and Business Oregon. Mass timber is the name for massive, very strong engineered wood panels used in commercial construction, the most recognized being Cross Laminated Timber (or CLT).

The summit, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Manufacturing Partnership, is uniquely designed for public officials, economic development professionals, and manufacturers to support the use and production of mass timber in Oregon, and also develop the larger domestic market. Presenters from government, academia, industry, public/private organizations, and finance will take part in five panel presentations including:

  • Where are We Now
  • The Opportunity for Oregon
  • Current Initiatives and Strategies Through Oregon
  • Key Supply Chain Needs for a Successful Mass Timber Sector—Part I and II
  • Innovation and Investment

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